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I accept the term & conditions

I understand that I comply with the following criteria when I nominate myself to feature in the “I am Proud…” series:

I am above 18 years of age.

I understand that I will need to sign a consent form authorizing the use of my photograph/s as a part of the “I Am Proud…” series at the time of the photo shoot.

I understand that I can withdraw my consent to be photographed at any point of time until BEFORE the photo shoot. However, the decision to use the photograph/s as a part of the “I Am Proud…” series rests entirely with the photographer once the photo shoot is complete.

I understand that I have nominated myself to be a part of the “I am Proud…” series of my own will, and that I have not been coerced in any way to participate.

I understand that my photograph/s will not be used beyond the scope of this series. In case they are to be used at an event beyond the scope of this series, I will be intimated by the photographer with regard to the use of my photograph/s and a separate consent will be obtained from me for use of my photograph/s in case of such an event.

I understand that there is a possibility that my sexual identity is revealed to people who view the “I Am Proud...” series. I also understand that my identity may be revealed to the media in case this series is covered by them at any point of time.

I understand that the photographer holds all rights to the photographic material; I will need a written consent from the photographer in case I wish to use the photographs for my personal/ professional/commercial purposes.

I understand that there are no monetary reimbursements for my participation, and my participation is entirely voluntary.

I understand that the photographer does not have any responsibility toward personal consequences that may result from my participation in the “I Am Proud…” series.