In a website dedicated to Renjit Menon Photography, I thought it prudent to dedicate a page to Renjit Menon photographer. To reveal my art to the world is like exposing my heart to the world. So I would like you to get to know me a little, because I would hate to be misunderstood.

I have always been fascinated by art and the creative processes culminating in the sensual elegance and the perfect compositions of an artist’s images, underlining the poetic act which is the core of art. I found my muse in photography, in the way plays of light and reflection can capture a spirit and shape an atmosphere. Photography is to enshrine for eternity that fleeting subjective impression before it is lost forever.

To capture that dazzling moment of instance and chance, that moment you can not anticipate, that moment you are constantly watching for as you wait camera in hand, ready to welcome the unexpected, and embrace it with your soul. I love the way photography captures the beauty in tiny details we normally overlook, the way nature has a structured pictorial composition of its own, the way light floods space revealing the deeply singular character of each moment in time.

As I evolve as a person I find myself wearing many hats, Artist, Photographer, Photo-journalist, Visualiser and lover of humanity. I find myself drawn to the story behind the moment and the message it conveys, as it revels those intimate moments in people’s lives, and their quiet dignity and resilience in the face of adversity. I find myself with the need to tell their stories, to show their strength to the world, to treat them with respect, compassion and admiration that they deserve.

Thus come forth these stories Dreamweaver, My name is Murugan, Stories of Pali and others, conceived in the labour-room of human struggle, born of passion and frustration, hope and futility. The bond between the teller and the story forged of the same strands of emotion as the boundaries dissolve and the photographer becomes the subject and they both become that magic moment when a lifetime of emotions gets packed in to a single frame.

That is what I am trying to capture in my new project “ I am proud – realization of non difference “ to pack a lifetime of emotion in to a single frame. Imagine a 1000 such frames, a series of thousand photographs of individual members of the LGBT community in India. A vivid collection of talented, beautiful, loving, caring and yet humbled people. Normal people just like everyone else. People who’s only crime has been to be different and to have the courage to admit it. People who have been vilified and ridiculed by a rigid and uncaring social structure. Pilloried and tormented by people unable o cope with anything or anyone at variance from the norms.

Truly Individualistic individuals who despite the price they have had to pay, have had the courage to stand up and say,
I am proud
I am proud to be different
I am proud to be unique
I am proud to be honest
I am proud to be me.

Well this is me, Renjit Menon, photographer exposed before you.
I hope you like what you’ve seen even if you didn’t (or especially if you didn’t) please get back to me with your feedback.
Thank you for sharing this moment in time with me.

Really, Truly, Renjit Menon