Phool chand yadav  

The most fleeting souls leave the most lasting imprint on minds.

Happiness is a single goal in everyone’s mind. We may take different routes, different approaches and different roads. Yet, if we do analyze the basic impetus that fuels our actions and strives,  we arrive at a simple answer. Happiness.

The tasks. The Troubles. The Tribulations. But what when you meet someone who etches out a road to happiness with the simplest path? What when you meet an individual who with his words of ancient wisdom makes your mind wonder – is happiness indeed a goal so difficult to achieve? 

Meet Phool Chand Yadav – a happy man, who takes no effort in surmising a road to happiness for every one keen to walk on the path.He begins his day with a simple challenge- to wake up before the sun rays grace the banks of the beautiful, serene Ganges.  He bows down in reverence of the luminous star that has cradled life and matter on earth since aeons. He bathes first in the gentle rays that the star showers upon him before a plunge into the shimmering ripples of The Ganges. 

As lives slowly stir around him, he breathes in the humdrum of awakening life forms like a sweet scent that refuses to leave and yet does not reveal its origin. He lets the atmosphere envelope him, and only consumes what Mother Nature has willingly offered and dropped on his lap.

I ask him “is this all that you need to make you happy?” And Phool Chand Yadav smiles as to offer an affirmative response. He doesn’t speak much. He listens instead. He lets the noise from the materialistic world wash over him as he disappears into his own world nurtured by Nature and lack of any desire to lead a wanton life.

Indeed, we all look for happiness when we begin our journey. But then, somewhere along the way we settle for tidbits and objects to convince ourselves that we are on the road to happiness. In lives such as those of Phool Chand Yadav less is more. And when less is more, that’s when one tastes the elixir named Happiness in its most undiluted form.