sum of us  

Life is a circle. Much as we try to mould it, shape it, redefine it, we follow a path that has already been traced for us. The finely etched road to our destination may not always be clearly set. But yet when we mark it with our footprints, we often take the same journey and walk the same walk much like many souls before us and many yet to come.


We all come from “water”. The first nine months of our existence, we are cradled, caressed, nurtured in a medium where “water” is our only contact with “life”. In water we breathe, in water we thrive and then with the flow we take our first step into the solid world. We breathe air, treat our olfactory senses to various scents, and let our tactile senses cherish the multifold “touches” that surround us. We let our mind wander at first, and then train it to not wander – limit it and stop it from soaring to heights way beyond our control.


And thus, we live a life. We give in to maya and experience the earthly joys, trials and tribulations. We form bonds, take on mortal responsibilities. When the circle draws to an almost close, we ponder on the days bygone. We revisit our deeds, try to undo our misgivings not realizing that we are still threading on the finely etched path.


The circle then draws to a close as the ends gracefully meet. We came from the elements, to the elements we return. The flames, water, earth, and air rush to claim what remains of us in their arms. What remains in current space and time, are fast fading memories in minds of other mortals still caught in their circle. Just like the diya that floats over steady waters and disappears soon from sight, the memories too ease into nothingness as moments go by.


And somewhere, in another dimension, the cosmos smiles as a new circle is born just where the last one ended.